Building Sustainable Business

NoBozo Lab is a tactical and operational value creator as a service  

As a specialized venture partner in the technology and digital sector, we see ourselves as an ideal resource for shareholders and companies.


Our support is maximally focused, committed and KPI-driven.

We manage projects with the same motivation and focus as we would build own ventures. All is based on our own Value Creation Process. We apply our expertise on a case-by-case basis and in a maximally structured and transparent manner.
Typical use cases are: Growth, New Product, Turn-Around, Exits, or DDQ analysis

Our typical partners or clients are innovative and digitally or technically oriented owners, founders, companies and investors such as family offices or private equity funds.   

All have in common to ultimately develop or transform innovative and sustainably profitable business models and products.

Our Approach

We follow a very structured, clean and KPI-driven Value Creation Process in the development, transformation and consulting of our projects. We focus on the tactical and operational implementation of defined business strategies.

Our Value Creation Process is divided case by case, i.e Growth, New Product, Turn-Around, Exits, or DDQ analysis 

About us

We define ourselves as a partner and additional resource for shareholders, companies and their management.     

We analyze each project in advance for feasibility and whether we are the right partner with the necessary expertise and resources.    

We are analytical and critical. We are not consultants with purely theoretical concepts and presentations. We implement projects directly ourselves in practice and take an entrepreneurial, pragmatic and consistent approach.    

We advise with the same intensity and professionalism according to our Value Creation Process as if we were driving our own venture or developing joint ventures.    

We look back on more than 15 years of practical experience and combine our entire spectrum of knowledge from the areas of strategy, business modelling, technology, product launch, corporate finance and legal via our central platform. This allows us to distribute this expertise across our projects in an interdisciplinary manner.    

A fundamental USP is our own technology and digitalisation know-how. We can provide advisory support or, if required, carry out or coordinate developments or programming ourselves.    

Our key message

Relationships are important to us, and we define ourselves as entrepreneurs who have a social and ecological responsibility for and with other entrepreneurs. We have a modern and cosmopolitan mind-set. International cooperation and digital ways of working are our standards.


We are constantly looking for experts and talents who share our mission and are interested in developing exciting solutions. For our platform, we are primarily looking for team members from the areas of data science, product development, business development, brand management and communication. 

Have we piqued your interest, but it's not yet clear for which role? No problem, we are open for an exchange and like to work something out together.

We are looking forward to discuss sustainable business with you

Send us an email or give us a call. We are looking forward to get in touch with you.



NoBozo Lab acts as an operative service provider in relevant areas or according to the task. The implementation of technical and digital business models or the introduction of products is one of our USPs.    

We conduct strategic or commercial/technical due diligence reviews for companies and investors or provide second opinions as experts or act as an advisory board.    

Due to our technical and operational experience and our network, we can also support the preparation of purchase or exit processes or coordinate them comprehensively.     

Furthermore, we have experience in the integration of so-called post-merger projects.


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